Costa Mesa Mosquito

Imagine this: You're enjoying a lovely evening in your backyard in Costa Mesa, CA, and the next thing you know, you're slapping at your legs, and a sudden sharp sting lets you know that you have been on the receiving end of a mosquito bite.

If this scene seems all too familiar to you, and you are seeking a Costa Mesa mosquito control firm, your solution lies with us at BugPro Termite and Pest Control Inc.

We're all business when it comes to Mosquito control.

Mosquitoes, particularly the notorious ‘ankle-biter’, have long plagued the residents of Costa Mesa. These tiny irritants are an unusual challenge with their fast breeding cycles and their ability to adapt to repellants swiftly. But don’t despair; we at BugPro have an effective solution that is gaining traction as the number 1 mosquito control method – the revolutionary In2Care buckets.

Mosquitos hate us and rightly so.

Why are standard pest control practices not enough? Most traditional methods focus on adult mosquitoes. Although it’s a fair approach, it only brings temporary relief. The real issue lies in unattended mosquito larvae that quickly transform into a new generation of pesky ‘ankle-biters’. This is where BugPro brings a different perspective. We go straight to the source to provide a long-lasting, environmentally safe, and effective solution.

We're the solution to all your mosquito problems.

In2Care’s mosquito trap is an innovative technique that takes advantage of the very behavior of mosquitoes to eradicate their own population. How does it work? Well, when a female mosquito lands on the In2Care bucket looking for a breeding spot, it gets coated with a slow-acting non-toxic larvicide and fungus. The mosquito then inadvertently transports these agents to multiple difficult-to-find breeding places, affecting not only her offspring but also contaminating other adult mosquitoes in the area. The strategy of getting mosquitoes to work unwittingly against themselves is, simply put, ingenious!

Ready to get started?

Now, we understand that a one-off application might not completely eradicate the problem, understanding the nature and life cycle of mosquitoes. Thus, BugPro Termite and Pest Control Inc. offers monthly or bi-monthly maintenance services to ensure that your home and surrounding areas stay free of the troublesome ‘ankle-biter’ mosquitoes.

Our dedicated team of professional pest controllers in Costa Mesa is ready at your service to deploy this solution and manage its successful operation. With BugPro, you get more than just pest control; you get peace of mind.

We always win the battle with Mosquitos, spiders, termites, and other pests.

Aside from ensuring the eradication of the mosquito menace disturbing your peace, our services are also geared towards ensuring that you and your family, pets included, are safe. We’re not just about controlling pests; we’re about providing a service that allows you to enjoy your space unrestrictedly.

Are you ready to bid the ‘ankle-biting’ mosquitoes goodbye? Then join hands with us at BugPro Termite and Pest Control Inc. It’s time to regain control of your backyard and enjoy your outdoor spaces as you rightfully should!

Call us today to set up your monthly or bi-monthly maintenance schedule, and let’s put the ‘ankle-biter’ mosquito nuisance to bed once and for all. Because at BugPro, we are not just controlling pests; we are transforming lives one backyard at a time.

Say by-by to mosquitos.

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